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Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show 2017

Tara Ferenczy

Posted on April 28 2017

This was our first year vending at the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show. I have attended the

event in the past as a consumer, so I was super stoked to be a vendor and tell everyone

where they can buy headwraps, how to wrap them and show them my semi-satin lined




I learned so many things from my first vending opportunity for Wrapper Delights. Firstly, NEVER SHARE A BOOTH!! I shared a booth with someone I didn't know that well and it was a complete disaster. Among other things, she didn't show up the for the second day of the show and tried to take the shelves that were hers and leave me without decor. Besides that, with all the other things going on at a show of this magnitude, I people were confused as to that I actually sold. I will never share a booth again!

Doing headwrap tutorials in the booth was an attention grabber. Crowds formed while I was teaching people how to wrap a wrap and it was a great way to bring the people in. Most people who don't already have a headwrap want to try them, but are intimidated by the process. Once I demonstrated 3 easy wraps, most of them said "Oh, that's it" and yes, that's it.

Handing out flyers with a coupon code on them will be something I continue to do in the future. Some people are in a rush to get to a certain place and don't have time to stop, but once the get home and unload all of their goodies and see the flyer, they tend to stop by your website and the code is an extra incentive for them to buy.

All and all I had a great time and enjoyed meeting each and everyone of the people that stopped by. You guys fed my spirit!! See you next year.


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