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Wrapper Delights was inspired by my natural hair. I quickly found out after my "big chop" that the weather and/or the gym left my hair a frizzy mess. Other times, I just wanted to run some quick errands and did not want to take my twist-out out. I needed something to cover my head, but still keep it cute. Alas, headwraps. I purchased some fabric and got to work. Since then, I have added satin-lined to the line up as we all need to protect our hair for optimal growth and health.

Wrapper Delights is a great place to buy headwraps and we have shipped to women (and a few men) across the globe.  I find pride in ethically and responsibly sourcing most of the fabrics from Africa and I hope you do too. Thank you for stopping by, come back often because I add new prints regularly and if you are anything like me, you have to have one for every outfit! :)

Each piece is handcrafted by me with lots of love.