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Headwrap Party


Do you want to party with your girlfriends, coworkers, family?

Is your birthday coming up?

Do you want to have a headwrap party and earn extra cash in the process?



Picture this: You and your girlfriends are in your living room, laughing, joking, dancing, sipping wine, and eating hors d'oeuvres. The doorbell rings,  I walk in with a ton of headwraps ready to teach your girlfriends, family, co-workers and/or bachelorette party guests a few different ways to rock a headwrap. They will have the opportunity to buy headwraps on the spot and practice all night to master their headwrapping skills.

(It’s really not that hard LOL)

This all can happen when you host a Headwrap Party. Get together for a Girls Night In or the pre-party to a Girls Night Out. Either way, fun will be had and you, as host, will receive a headwrap of your choice and the potential to earn some cash and/or merchandise. Become a Wrap Star today!

Fill out the form below and lets get this party started! (Pun intended)


Party Sales

Host Earning Potential


15% of party sales ($30-$75)


20% of party sales ($125-200)


25% of party sales ($250+)