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They Mentioned Us Where?!?!

Obvious magazine headwrap mention of Wrapper Delights

Wrapper Delights was mentioned in Obvious Magazine in an article entitled " Tara Ferenczy Created 'Wrapper Delights' Head Wraps to Empower Women"

(May 22, 2018)


Wrapper Delights was mentioned in an article published by entitled "10 Bold Headwraps

You Need This Summer"

(June 19, 2017)


Wrapper Delights was a featured booth for the Juneteenth Festival in Atlanta. The article was published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution

(June 16, 2017) 


Naptural85 mentioned Wrapper Delights in one of "5 Online Shops to find Super Cure Headwraps!" I mean,


(June 23, 2016)

Mini Outfitter (Issue #4) Featuring @theprinceandthep


Basic Luxe (11-17-15) "Sugar and Spice" Lace Skirt


Fall Flare (11-13-15) "Zoe" Flare Pants


Disfunkshion Magazine  Spirit Warrior featuring Eidon Surf (10-14-15)

Fabric Necklaces